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16 June 2006

Little flirt

Magdalena and I spent a couple of hours with Laura and Owen Syvertsen yesterday. Laura and I first met a couple years ago in Prague not too long into her pregnancy with Owen. When we were reunited, I was pregnant with Magdalena. Now, with them at 19 and 4 months old respectively, they were such a cute little pair! He kept saying, " kiss baby, kiss baby!" And Magdalena kept grinning at him so sweetly. Even with both of the kids getting a bit antsy at the end (too close to nap time), Laura and I still had a nice visit. It's so nice to spend time with another Christian mommy!


At 17 June, 2006 04:20, Blogger Gale said...

Be careful about those little boys wanting to kiss our little girl! She's way too young for that sort of think! :)

You'll have to check out my blog. I have made a couple of posts, but still no pictures. Just can't get them to take! Sigh!


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