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16 June 2006


Magdalena can roll over! Monday evening, while we were watching the World Cup game between the Czechs and Americans (Czechs won 3-0!), we heard the baby crying. Petr went to check on her then turned toward me with his eyes really big and said, "Come quick! Look at her!" I figured something was wrong so I ran over only to see her on her back! Poor baby had turned over while moving around to get comfy and had gotten stuck. She looked so scared.

All day Tuesday, whenever she'd roll over I'd clap my hands while smiling and saying "Good job, Magdalena! Look at you practicing your new skill." By Wednesday she was smiling and cooing on her back. This morning she rolled over after waking from her nap and stayed that way looking around for nearly half an hour before getting fussy. Amazing. She's growing up so quickly!

Today, I lifted up the back of her stroller so that she could sit up and see the world. Boy, did that make a difference! She actually enjoyed riding in the stroller -- didn't even fuss when the sun was in her eyes.


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