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04 June 2006

Little Sweetheart

This is Magdalena's summer "jacket" that I bought for her with Eva last week. Who says lil girls can't wear blue? She is a picture of sweetness in this beflowered heart sweatshirt! Of course, it's a bit big since it's the next size up from what she's wearing now, but that way she can wear it longer. :)

The weather continues to be chilly (good thing baby has her new layer of warmth!), but at least we had a break from the rain yesterday. It was beautifully sunny! So, we took a family walk to the neighborhood Tesco for a few taco fixin's and to get some pictures developed. Petr is there now picking up the pictures -- I'm really looking forward to seeing them! Magdalena is napping (yay!) for the third time today. Poor baby really needs the rest since a rude neighbor was drilling and hammering last night around 7-8 when she was trying to get a good night's sleep!


At 04 June, 2006 21:07, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

i thought u might comment on that one and say how u missed them or something. yes, they're very unique. and are u ever going to email me back?


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