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16 June 2006

Look at that!


I decided to post something. Rebekah told me that my last thing what I posted was really fun. I don´t know if this post going be fun but you can say it later :-) So I was thinking about several things and this is idea what get in my head. (I was doing that yesterday but I deleted not in purpose - it was perfect and hopefully I will remember all of it).
On this world is several things what is fascinating for me - I guess that you can say what is at least one. It is architecture ,everything whatś growing and have some cool design. If I could go back in time I would like to be architect. Maybe next time I will tell you other . .

So this pictures what you can see is our new metro stop which is going be part of our traveling to work or somewhere else. First picture is how this building looks now - itś really cool to see how they putting all pieces together. And other two pictures is how this stop will look like.

And one more thing I will reveal a secret for you. But is really secret - you better keep your mouth shut! This information is good for those who aren´t satisfied where Prague transportation isn´t running or something similar. Are you still curious ? Ok, here is it. I don´t know who will be lucky and have chance to live in Prague in 2100 ,but if you will - you going have pretty cool option to travel in Prague :-)

This is a map of Prague transportation in 2100. If you know how Prague looks now you know what is different :-)

PS: If you didn´t like it - don´t look at it for next time :-)



At 16 June, 2006 12:36, Blogger Sunny said...

Way cool! Definitely keep posting Petr.

At 17 June, 2006 04:12, Blogger Gale said...

Yay, Petr! I love your post! By the way, happy birthday! I enjoyed the pictures you posted, especially the map of Prague's transportation system in the year 2100 and the one of your new stop as it looks now. That arch over the top of the building is going to be very cool.


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