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01 June 2006

Mezinarodni detsky den!

International children's day! Yay! We had a lot of fun, despite the cold and wet weather (a sprinkley 52F). Here we are with Lucie and Ema -- notice Ema's headfull of beautiful hair.

We didn't participate in any activities because all of them were for older kids...and evidently the carriage race was a rumor; Daddy can be assured that we didn't race with Magdalena in the stroller since we didn't race at all.

Mirka was going to take Magdalena for a ride in the bicycle trolley but the driver was taking a snack break and wouldn't peddle! Alas, she at least got to look cute inside it for the picture.


At 01 June, 2006 23:34, Blogger Gale said...

I guess you can live with 52 degree weather. It's better than the 47 you guys had a few days ago. :) It sounds like you had a fun day. I'll assure your dad that you didn't have a race with Magdalena inside the carriage. It really is a good idea for an activity, though. Definitely needs to be done without baby inside. :) Can't wait to see more pictures of the day.

Love you!

At 02 June, 2006 06:36, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

looks like y'all had fun. tha'ts good, sorry you didn't get to do the carriage race though. you looked like you were having alot of fun from the picture tho. i'm sort of jealous that ppl get to take pictures with you and magdalena and not me. but, that's ok. so!! i got your package today! i thought it came really quick. i really enjoyed getting it, and i love everything in it. that was very thoughtful of you. i love you bunches!! give magdalena kisses for me.


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