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29 May 2006

Peter Rabbit

Look at my new skill! I can hold and shake my baby rattle!

Eva came over for a visit this morning. After ejoying a hot drink and some homemade chocolate chip muffins, we went for a walk. Our meandering lead us to the local second hand children's shop. I wanted to find a lightweight jacket for Magdalena to wear this summer (as we seem to be having trouble reaching even 75F so far). As we were browsing, I saw a Peter Rabbit dress -- a real and true Peter Rabbit brand. So, it seems that he has migrated from England to the Czech the manner of Watership Down, perhaps? In any case, I quickly purchased it so Magdalena can continue sporting one of my favorite childhood characters when she outgrows the P.R. outfit from Aunt Jessica. :)


At 01 June, 2006 05:37, Blogger Gale said...

Peter Rabbit is one of my favorites too. We'll have to make sure she has something of his from now on. :) It's a good thing Abigail never met Peter Rabbit!


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