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16 August 2006


Why is it that I can play with Magdalena all day, but she'll still fuss (not always, but today wasn't so good since she wouldn't nap and I had a headache)...then when her Daddy gets home and plays with her and the exact same toys, she is perfectly content and will coo or sing to him forever? It's not fair! Well, at least during these times, they are both happy and I get to relax. :-)
Note: Magdalena now plays with Raggedy Ann, just like I did throughout my childhood. Ah, this is what true American traditions are made of.


At 17 August, 2006 00:25, Blogger Gale said...

The reason she likes playing with daddy is because she only sees him in the evenings and weekends. She sees you all day, every day! Sorry, it is true. But you will be her great friend because of the consistent togetherness when she is 24 years old! :)


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