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31 August 2006


This weekend we travelled to Jaromer to visit our friends Pavel and Lenka. They graciously hosted us in their flat. On Saterday morning we went bowling! I, of course, had the lowest score -- a pitiful 38 the first round and 78 the second. And, no, Readers, I am not ashamed to post my "shameful" scores because I'm not able to have any better ones since I bowl an average of once every 2 years! :) My dear husband bowled much better than I -- 178 one of the rounds! He's a natural sportsman.

Lenka and Pavel both really enjoyed playing with Magdalena. As you can see, she was equally keen on playing with them. Any time that Magdalena would start to fuss, Pavel would say, "Magdalenko, neplakej. Strejda Pavel je tady!" (Little Magdalena, don't cry. Uncle Paul is here!) Very sweet, and a bit indicative of the baby fever I'm pretty sure he has!


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