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25 February 2007


Magdalena received some "Aunt Liz" shoes for Christmas, but they just now are fitting her well enough to wear. Thursday she wore them out during play time...and was quite curious about them, having to touch them every few minutes. Today she wore them again to church. She managed to get one off during the car ride over, but afterward kept them on until I made her take them off. She had such fun utilizing her new "kicks" on her own private horsey. ;)


At 26 February, 2007 05:10, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

ahhh!! yay, i'm glad she's able to wear them now. they're so adorable on her!! i love it :)

At 26 February, 2007 15:34, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

She is so cute! I think it is so funny that they are interested in shoes. Samuel's converse don't fit yet but I am sure they will soon.


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