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31 March 2007


Troja (pronounced like the Greek city of Troy with "uh" at the end) is a beautiful, historic chateau in Prague with lovely maze gardens. The chateau houses an art museum and wine cellar now and has an entry fee, but the gardens are open free of charge for the public to wander throughout liesurely. This Saturday we has such nice weather our little family ventured out and took a stroll in and out of the hedges. Winding up at this multi-statued fountain seemed to be the highlight for Magdalena. Above, you can see her profile looking at one merman...and below shows her uttermost glee when she first saw it!
I'm sure that we'll be frequenting this place during the upcoming months of sunshine and green life!


At 03 April, 2007 15:07, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

Magda looks so cute in her hat! What was the temp? Ya'll are all bundled up! I thought you said it was wonderful weather? :)

At 03 April, 2007 17:20, Blogger The Syvertsens said...

we love troja. next time we will join you!


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