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13 July 2007

Castle Helfštýn

Helfštýn is about 45 minutes from Petr's home village. All of the walls are intact, but the windows, doors, and roof are missing. The original fortress began being built in the 10th century, but it continued evolving and growing over the centuries until it's completion in the (I think) 18th century. Anyhow, it has been open for visitors since the end of WWII and since we visited on a national holiday (Cyril and Methodius Day) entrance was free! Petr was holding onto Magdalena as she played with the pebbles on this ledge, so don't worry, Gigi!
A view of part of the castle from a tower we climbed. Magdalena got very excited by the sight of stairs - walking in a stairwell or uphill remains her favorite exercise!
The height of Helfštýn's influence was during the "blacksmith era" (that's translated from the Czech...don't ask me) so there are iron statues all over the premises. Magdalena shares her Mommy's fascination of chairs and found a miniature iron one just her size. It took a lot of persuasion and eventually bodily removal to get her to leave her lovely perch...

I think we all enjoyed this laid back "tour" better than a guided one in a furnished castle because we could take in the natural beauty at the same time, move at our own pace, and not have to worry about Magdalena's movements (or volume level!). And, of course, it was nice having Milan and Radka (Petr's sister) with us during our exploration.


At 13 July, 2007 16:10, Blogger Gale said...

This castle reminds me of Barnsley Gardens. Remember when we went with Emily? I love wandering around such places. No pressure to keep up with the group. There is enough time to take it all in and imagine the people who might have lived here long ago.


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