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13 July 2007

Playin' in the park

Yesterday was our first nice day in about 2 weeks. The high was 63 and we took advantage of that sunshine! It rained on us while we were walking home, but we had been warmed by the sun's rays and it didn't matter that we got a bit damp.
Magdalena was running so quickly that she nearly ran out of the camera's view! Can you tell she's excited to be back on the playground?

A little video peek into the life of Magdalena when she's playing at her favorite play spot...


At 14 July, 2007 04:00, Blogger mom said...

Hi there Rebecca, I know you barely know me , just as Sunny’s mom, but I was thinking the other day how I feel like I have known you for ages. I have heard about you from Sunny , of course, from your arrival in Prague to your wedding and then your pregnancy. But I really think it is this blog thing that has really made me feel as if I know you and your family so well. I have literally watched Magdalena grow up online. I have shared your joy, her first birthday and her first steps, and also your concern. (the post back in April where you woke up to find she had a high fever and had thrown up worried me so. I kept going around the house saying, “I hope that baby’s fever goes down, I wonder what it could be. I think I’ll call Sunny and ask her if Magdalena is breaking out or anything” – sorry it is just the Mamaw in me) As soon as I check Sunny’s blog I then check yours. The girls at work know Magdalena as “Sunny’s bestfriend’s little girl” as they have saw her up on my computer so much as I daily check the blogs. Isn’t it funny how God places relationships in people’s lives, I pray for you and your family and your mom, I know how difficult it must be for her to be so far away, my grandbabies are in Illinois and it is hard on me. I was just sitting her tonight and had this on my mind-it is a bit long for a comment I suppose. (I just learned how to comment on here last night). Anyway, blessing. Vicky

At 14 July, 2007 04:29, Blogger Gale said...

Yes, I feel the same way as Vicky when it comes to the friends in Prague. When I come to visit, I feel like I know Laura, Shanna, Dot, Brad Pitt and others, because of the blogs. (Of course, I do know precious Sunny! My friend as well as Rebekah's.) Just a few years ago, who would have thought we'd be making friends across the continents. And it is nice to know others are concerned about our family members and praying when they are sick or lonesome or tired or whatever. We have definitely expanded our outlooks!

At 14 July, 2007 04:30, Blogger Gale said...

P.S. We watch the videos of Magdalena over and over. It makes us feel like we are with her--in person! I love to hear her laugh. Samuel loved skyping with her today. I can't wait til they can play together!


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