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04 September 2007


Natalie is Magdalena's favorite friend - the first person other than family to be called by name and to be asked for constantly (every day!). And I must add that I enjoy Natalie's mommy's company too! You've been a God-sent friend, Joanna!

Last week, after some good old fashioned play time at a "local" playground, we all enjoyed mac and cheese (thanks, Gigi!) with hot dogs for lunch at our place. It was Natalie's first encounter of the blue-boxed kind. I think she liked it, but she and Magdalena are both true to their Czech side and preferred the meat!


At 05 September, 2007 16:54, Blogger Lukas & Joanna said...

lol this is so cute. Natalie has seen this video so many times and when it ends she asks for "more Baalena". I just realized she calls her Baalena with a "B" but when talking to her Dad in Czech she calls her Magdalenku.
You are a very dear friend to me too and I will miss you...I already know it.
See you soon, Joanna.


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