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15 June 2009

Recent discoveries

Magdalena has become very observant as of late. Here are some of her recent discoveries.

1. As I put on her new butterfly shirt: "Butterflies don't have arms. They have wings."

2. As we drove down the road: : "Birds don't talk on the phone. Only people call on the telephone."

3. To her daddy today when he was talkig to our neice: "Babies can't talk!"

4. Because Magdalena's cousins have been sick, and so has a friend in Prague, we've talked about germs a good bit in the past couple of weeks. Magdalena has also been fighting some little bug so she told us a couple of nights ago, "I don't want to kiss Daddy. I don't want to give him my germs."


At 15 June, 2009 19:42, Blogger Emily said...

That is too cute. This age is so fun.

At 16 June, 2009 06:57, Blogger Gale said...

Oh what a smart child! But of course, she is my grand daughter! Those observations are too funny. Something that I would never have thought to say. :)

At 19 June, 2009 03:38, Blogger Sunny said...

she's learning so much so fast!


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