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30 September 2009

Baking frgal with Pavlina and Michele

Pavlina and Michele came over yesterday to spend the day with us. We enjoyed some yummy pizza, then while the kids napped Pavlina and I started the frgal dough. Frgal is a Moravian specialty dessert that even Pavlina hadn't eaten before (she's Bohemian). After naps, the dough had risen enough for everyone to have fun rolling it out and spreading on the filling.
The dough I rolled ended up slightly rectangular - Magdalena's, on the other hand, was the roundest one! I told Pavlina that Magdalena learned from the best - her Babicka!
After the dessert was done, we all went out for a walk. Michele didn't want to stay in his stroller so Magdalena held his hand to help him along. "He's my friend!" she declared several time. They are just under a year apart in age and play together so nicely. :-)
Magda's photography skills are improving! She shot this super cute photo of me and Pavlina in the park before we headed home.
The frgal with poppy seed filling. The other one had plum jam and was really tasty but looked terrible because I left it in the oven too long!


At 01 October, 2009 14:51, Blogger Gale said...

Looks like such a fun day with friends! Magda is such a good little friend to Michele. But I am offended that you said she got her rolling out skills from her Babicka. You know my love for baking and cooking. HA!!

Makes me want to be there! Oh wait, I am about to be there!! Yay! Except I want to BE there, not GET there. :) The flight just doesn't seem as fun and adventurous as it used to.


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