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26 December 2009

Christmas at the Mall

A family pose with the "train crew" snowmen. Magdalena loved the snowmen and their scenes. She hugged as many as she could touch and ran from one display to the next display full of glee!
Even though we don't do Santa or the Czech Mikulas, when Magdalena saw Mikulas at the mall giving out candy and offering a table to write letters to Jezisek (baby Jesus who, according to Czech tradition, brings presents on Christmas and never grows up), she had to get in on the action. So, she sat in his lap very briefly before getting to the good stuff - CANDY!


At 26 December, 2009 16:35, Blogger Sunny said...

wow - what an interesting blending of cultures! That's a very American looking Mikulas, and the whole coming to the mall to sit on his lap thing seems pretty American too, but then there's the table to write letters to Jezizek! You definitely can't forget where you are! I love it, thanks for posting!


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