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12 December 2009

Magdalena's singing

Ever since Magdalena could talk, she's been creating her own songs about whatever is happening around her like she's a minstrel. Recently, she's begun singing about emotions. "I hate this" was her tune today, but to a jovial melody! But, mostly she sings pleasant lyric-ed songs. "God, I love you" is my favorite!
Today she sang, "Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad. And I get angry too. Sunny asked me..." On Monday, Sunny, who is earning her counseling license now, began an emotion management program with Magdalena via Skype. It's giving Sunny credit hours toward her license and helping Magdalena process her emotions, which have been a bit crazy since Vojta's birth. Hence, her song's words this afternoon.
Yesterday afternoon, as we were decorating the Christmas tree (which we've put in Magdalena's room), Magdalena wanted to practice the song she'll sing in church next week. Here is a long, 35 second clip preview of what's to come...


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