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11 January 2010

Visit in Zelenec

Vojta and I on the train to Zelenec to visit our friends. This was the first time that Vojta didn't fuss in the sling while I was sitting. Normally, as soon as I sit down he wakes up or fusses. Today, he rested and slept all the way there and back. Magdalena took this picture. :-)
Magdalena being very Czech in her yellow scarf on the train.
The snowy sidewalk on the walk between the train station and our friends' house.
Vojta contentedly reclining on the Lillards' couch. He just grinned away at everyone for several minutes after we arrived until time to eat.
The girls playing with lots of fun toys in the living room as we mommies talked and drank marvelous Tchibo coffee with vanilla soy milk. :-)


At 12 January, 2010 18:36, Blogger Emily said...

I think he did so well on the train because he was happy in his awesome new hat! :)

At 15 January, 2010 06:09, Blogger Gale said...

Magdalena did a good job with the picture-taking! And what a cute picture of her on the train! She looks all snuggly warm in her coat, hat and gloves! I am glad you had a good day trip to visit Carol.

At 15 January, 2010 21:32, Blogger Jessica G Smith said...

Yes, I agree with Momma. Magda is getting very good at the picture taking!


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