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09 January 2010

Story hour

This morning, Magdalena and I had some girl time. Just the two of us went to the Prague Christian Library for the story hour. Today's theme, appropriately, was SNOW! The kids all made snowflakes after the reading time. Here Magdalena is getting her snowflake besparkled by Ms. Laurie. :-)
The blue snowflake...
and the blue one with it's silver friends.
Some snow covered cars on our walk home.
Magdalena getting a scoop of snow from her window sill. She affirmed that "I like the cold" when we had to open the window to touch the snow. But a few moments later, she said, "I very am cold, Mommy" then asked to get down and close the window. It's about 20F here...


At 10 January, 2010 14:35, Blogger Emily said...

Look at all of that snow. It looks like you really had some nice girl time.

At 15 January, 2010 06:06, Blogger Gale said...

Because there wasn't enough snow on the ground, Magdalena had to make more snow flakes! :) Is she enjoying playing in the snow?


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