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26 December 2009

Tour of the Christmas Trees

Every end of November/beginning of December, Christmas trees and little Christmas markets sprout up all around Prague at just about every square in town. Magdalena loves looking at the"Christmas," as she lovingly calls the Christmas trees, and the accompanying nativity scenes. On her last day of preschool before Christmas break, we took a little tour around our neck of town to see 3 trees. This one above is from the square in front of the Cathedral of Saint Vaclav in Smichov.
Magadalena's newest favorite pose, as she scrams, "syr!" (cheese in Czech). This is at Paleckeho Namesti.
And the last of our trek - our own dear tree in Namesti Miru. She's seen it a hundred times, but still runs up to it each time as if it's the first. :-) Gotta love the child's spirit!


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