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26 September 2010

Lil church

This morning our church launched the first "Lil church" for our munchkins. Vojta is the youngest "student" at 11 months, but he hung in there with the big kids for the full 2 hours, happy as a lark.
Tomáš is Dad to two of the boys and a great asset as a co-teacher. He had those kids playing games, doing exercises, and riding horseback.
Zuzana was very interested in my camera, so I took a photo of her solo. When she was inspecting it's quality, she declared "Zuzanka!" (Little Zuzana) I think she approved. :-)
Martina and Vojta having a little conversation. She's Mom to one of the boys in the class, and also is a wonderful co-teacher. She helped draw Zuzanka out of her sadness from being away from Mommy.

Three of our 5 boys running in a circle, getting out some of their crazies before parents arrived to take these bundles of energy home!


At 09 October, 2010 13:59, Blogger Adela said...

Hi Rebekah, this is awesome video and pictures:))) Lovely:)))


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