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01 April 2006

A little adventure

This afternoon we had a family outing to Bydleni Mazanka -- the new Finep building site where Petr has been working the past couple of months. I enjoyed seeing all the places Petr has been talking about and Magdalena enjoyed a walking nap! The workers commented on how cute she is and were very impressed with how much hair she has!

While we were walking Magdalena had a blow-out diaper...good thing I followed Momma's advice to always take along an extra outfit! Here she is all spiffed up in the adorable Peter Rabbit outfit from her Aunt Jessica.


At 03 April, 2006 05:36, Blogger Gale said...

When you were seeing all the sites, did Petr show you the elevator he got stuck in? Has he ridden in it again since then? :)

Another wonderful picture of Magdalena! She is so cute! I just want to hold her! She needs me (well, maybe I need her!).

It is a good thing you listened to your mother's advice! :) I know these things cause I've been there and done that! I'm sure I will have more sage advice as time goes on. :)


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