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01 August 2006

Pool party

Ann-marie and Brandon Verbrugge hosted the Project Antioch Sunday afternoon event this week. It was a big pool party! It was a super day for it and we all had so much fun. Magdalena enjoyed playing with Aunt Sunny as much as swimming in the pool for the first time!

Isn't she just too cute in the little swimsuit that Lydia let her borrow? It has ladybugs on it. In Czech when a little girl is called a beruska (ladybug), it means that she's adorable. This summer Magdalena has been called this by at least 3 people! Of course, we already knew she's cute as a button.
Petr also had a lot of fun with the pool experience. This was his first time in a private pool. So, this was the first time he got to play pool games, like water volleyball and Marco Polo!


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