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18 August 2007

Our Olomouc adventure

We began with lunch at a cute Hospoda (pub) called Krtek (mole) which is perhaps this country's children's favorite cartoon character. He's on the wall pictured with Magdalena and her cousin Adelka. Both of the girls wanted to eat only French fries and corn for lunch. Not the best nourishment, but fulfilling...Then we walked to the zoo. It was the saddest zoo I've ever been to - all of the animals were in cement and metal cages with artificial greenery (and the poor bears had rotten veggies on their "table"). So, the only picture we've got from inside is this silly one of some rather cute Red Pandas. ;)

Magdalena found wholesome entertainment on our way home by reading my Avon catalog and munching on the remaining French fries from lunch. ahh, the simple life.


At 19 August, 2007 07:30, Blogger Gale said...

Wow, Adelka is growing up so fast! I love to see the cousins together. I'm so excited about Magdalena and Samuel (and Alle) getting to play and grow up together, but sad that she won't be around Adelka as much.

At 25 August, 2007 03:49, Blogger Casey and Jessica said...

I was about to write the same thing momma just wrote, so I will say some thing else. Avon catalogues are an amazing read, don't you know!


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