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06 September 2007

Moravian Weekend Part II: Bunny

Crazy how children automatically recognise one of their own kind - even in another species. Magdalena called this 3 week old rabbit "bnee" (bunny) and "mimi" (baby in Czech). After Deda returned it to the hatch she repeatedly asked for "minmin" (the Czech rabbit sound) so the next day he put one in a box for her and said she could take it home. Petr balked at that idea! I said, "sure! we'll take 3." JUST KIDDING!!


At 06 September, 2007 20:26, Blogger Gale said...

What a silly-willy! I love that girl!

At 10 September, 2007 00:53, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

wow, you've updated several times since i last checked! looks like y'all have been having fun. that bunny and magda are so cute! maybe one day she can get a pet bunny. ;) i love you guys!


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