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19 September 2007

Role play

Natalie, Magdalena's friend previously blogged about, gave Magdalena some of her outgrown pajamas. Last night Magdalena got to wear them for the first time and she LOVED them! She didn't want to take them off this morning. When I said we needed to go bye-bye, she put my shoes on over her jammies since her shoes are too small to fit over the footies.

Perhaps the color got to her (same as her new kitty cat toy in the background of this picture), but she pretended to be someone else today for the fist time. She pretended to be a cat! I was sitting down and she crawled around me saying, "mauw, mauw." When I asked her if she was a kitty she said, "jo" ("yeah" in Czech). Too CUTE!


At 19 September, 2007 21:46, Blogger Lukas & Joanna said...

She does look adorable. I am glad she likes her pjs. I am sorry we couldnt meet today :-(

At 20 September, 2007 04:15, Blogger Gale said...

Oh, no! Remember Nicole and her "doggie" phase? Let's hope it doesn't get that out of hand. :)And she is starting the pretending a bit early!

At 20 September, 2007 18:39, Blogger The Syvertsens said...

oooh. owen is a cat a lot, too. we'll have to have one more play date before you...go. boo hoo :(


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