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06 September 2007

"Teta" Simona

Simona and I started out as conversation partners for her to maintain her superb English skills. The few weeks prior to Magdalena ending eating jarred baby food, I saved all of the jars for Simona's dad for him to use in his workshop. He's a painter and needed the small jars for left-over colors. To show his gratitude, he sent this kitty in Magdalena's hands as a thank you. Life can't be any better than being rewarded for eating!!Magdalena called Simona "Teta" during our visit on Monday. Even though the fact is stored in my head that can aquire 2 first languages, I'm still amazed when Magdalena speaks in Czech and especially when she observes a cultural norm such as this "teta" business. It means "aunt" but all Czech kids refer to any woman between the age of their moms and grandmothers as aunt. Magdalena has yet to learn aunt in English. She's not yet had the opportunity to need it - but soon she will be with both aunts close by!


At 06 September, 2007 20:22, Blogger Gale said...

It will be fun to have Magdalena close to her American aunts, but she will miss her Czech "tetas." And we will have to keep up the Czech speaking with her daddy!

At 07 September, 2007 17:44, Blogger Sunny said...

such a pretty picture of you both!

At 07 September, 2007 20:14, Blogger Lukas & Joanna said...

You look so pretty in this picture!


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