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08 November 2007

Duck siting ("Nase kacenka")

Last Sunday afternoon, our church had a Fall Festival. Some of the kids dressed up since they had Halloween costumes - Magdalena was a duck. She did NOT go trick or treating. But, she did have fun running around at the festival. She quickly found people to entertain and other kids to hug and chase.

Minuly tyden v nedeli nas sbor poradal podzimni festival. Nektere deti mely kostymy jako na svatek Halloween - Magdalenka mela kostym kacenky. Neznam historii Halloweenu, protoze je to americky svatek - vetsinou se deti nastroji do ruznych kostymu a chodi po domech kde dostavaji sladkosti. Magdalenka mela hodne legrace na festivalu, pobihala o sto sest.

Ty, the little boy sitting in his momma's lap next to me and Magdalena, befriended Magdalena during her first nursery stay. He patted her back and gave her many hugs! They were happy to be reunited at the Festival - especially since they got to ride a train!

Tady muzete videt noveho kamarada Magdalenky, kluk jmenem Ty ktery sedi s jeho maminkou vedle Rebeky a Magdalenky. Noveho kamarada Magdalenka poznala v nedelni skolce (nase prvni navsteva ve sboru). Radi se zase videli a libila se jim spolecna jizda ve vlacku.


At 08 November, 2007 23:46, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

oh, they are both so cute :) i miss all of you guys! so, i didn't know that y'all had an actual train at the festival! what happened to the good 'ole days of having a hay ride in mr. amon's truck?


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