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15 July 2009

Settling in our "flat"

Even though it took a deal of patience while we waited, God blessed us with a wonderfully located apartment that is more spacious than we'd hoped for! We moved in on 1 July and got our internet hooked up yesterday. Magdalena's room is all arranged and furnished (except for her bed-frame which we'll get from her cousin soon). Our room is lacking a bed, but our dear friends the Augustines have given us one of theirs so we just have to pick it up (we do have a futon in the meantime so we're not on the floor!). And another friend, Matous, helped Petr get a table with chairs and wardrobe from the seller's house to our place. God truly is blessing us.

And on top of all of this, we have delightful neighbors. They are an international couple - he is Indonesian and she is Czech. They have 2 daughters close to mine and Petr's age and have been very kindly towards us. The day we met, they gave us 3 trash cans, 2 shelves, heaps of fresh red currants, and some toys and chocolate for Magdalena! Mrs. Petrakova told me that anytime I need anything to knock or ring at their door - especially while Petr is away for his job training all week long in another town.

Today, I had to knock on the door for some electrical help. We had quite a storm this morning with lightening and thunder, so when the power went out while I was cooking lunch I assumed that was the reason. But, a few hours later when we were still without power and I heard the elevator running, I figured the fuse was blown. So, Magdalena and I donned our "papucky" (house shoes) and went to the neighbors' door to inquire if they had electricity. They did! The moment I said we didn't, the dear Indonesian man (who speaks fluent Czech) put on his shoes, grabbed a screwdriver and opened the HUGE fuse box in the hall. He flipped the switches for me and ta-da we had power! Now Sunny doesn't have to worry about spoiled milk since she arrives in the morning. ;-) That was a lil joke for those who know my friend Sunny and her fear of milk being left out too long...


At 16 July, 2009 23:21, Blogger Sunny said...

the milk was good (so was the coffee and company) ;-)

At 17 July, 2009 23:04, Blogger Ann-marie said...

Wanting desperately to see some pics of the new place! Glad to hear you're getting settled and even enjoying Sunny's company. Have fun!!!

At 18 July, 2009 17:36, Blogger Sunny said...

Hey, what does the "even enjoying Sunny's company" mean? Ha ha!

At 19 July, 2009 00:08, Blogger Gale said...

I'm so glad you have such great neighbors to take care of you while Petr is gone and we are so far away. I can't wait to see pictures of each room.


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