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09 October 2009

Recent comments/declarations

Magdalena is growing up and everyday we see more of her unique personality coming out through what she says. Here are a few recent comments and declarations she's made.

1. A couple of days after we purchased her some new autumn shoes, Petr went to put her old tennis shoes on her. She informed him she didn't want them with a strong, assertive, "No! Daddy, don't put those shoes on my feet ever again! I want my new shoes."

2. Walking into the bathroom and picking up her suction-toed bath frogs, "These frogs are green and floppy." I'm not sure where she acquired the word "floppy" since she's not used it before, but her frogs most certainly qualify as floppy. :-)

3. Upon finding the stuffed barking dog a friend gave the new baby, Magdalena said, "Oh, it's cute! The baby will like this. When the baby is born, he can sleep with it. I'll put it in the baby's bed now." And she proceeded to do so.

4. On our last visit with our Moravian family, Magdalena played with her cousin's doctor set. The stethoscope was her favorite and she'd put it on, place it on my belly and say, "I'm checking that the baby is okay."


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