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20 January 2010

First Laugh!!

For several weeks we've been a bit paranoid that we are not funny people or that Vojta wasn't a happy boy. He's content for sure, but since he's not laughed before today...well, it made us wonder if we weren't "telling the right joke" as Pastor Jerry suggested. Today, grouchy and sleepy baby that he was, he still got super jolly the instant his little body hit the water for bath time this afternoon! I think Magdalena will no longer be the only water monster in the family!


At 02 February, 2010 23:54, Blogger Gale said...

I am just now seeing this post! I haven't had a life outside Snow White for the past two weeks! But I love, love, love the video and his laugh! It is just too sweet! Daddy and I watched it twice in a row!


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