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10 April 2010

Park 1 - Riegrovy Sady

Within a few short hours of the Sillers landing on Czech soil, we hit the slopes - of the park that is! The kiddos were so very happy to see each other and get to play together after nearly one year of separation. Magdalena and Owen repeatedly, unprovoked, would say "I love you" to one another. So super sweet! The above photo is of the "big kids" sliding down the "mountain climbing" slope.
Eliana and Vojta, the "little kids" getting to know each other. She loved "baby" and, by the end of their visit, began saying "hi, sweet baby" to him whenever she saw him. Very adorable!
Emily catching her kids in action!
Vojta inspecting a toy in his stroller at the park.
Grins from the baby boy!

Eliana's sweet voice saying "baby."


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