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21 February 2010

Vojtech's dedication

Our little Doll Baby was sleeping in his stroller when service started so we had to wake him up for his dedication! True to form, he was still contented and looked darling in his new outfit.
Mommy and Daddy read letters to both of the kids, telling them what their names mean and our prayer for them. Mommy read to Vojta:
Our Dear Vojtech,
We waited and prayed a long time for you and cried many tears through disappointments. So, when we knew you were coming, we were greatly comforted, thus we named you Vojtech because it means "Soldier of Comfort." And we gave you the middle name Wesley because you were conceived in the west and some great men of faith bore that name.

Our prayer for you is that you will come to know God at a young age and then through the power of the Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter, you'll lead many others to have faith in the Lord.Then Daddy read to Magdalena:
Our Dear Magdalena,
We thank God for you - your love of life and the passion you have for all of your activities.
When you were born, and we named you, we hadn't thought much about your names' meanings. But, shortly after your birth we realized how perfectly they go together. Magdalena means woman from Magdala (the city's name means Tower) and Rose is like the Rose of Sharon.
Our prayer for you is that you'll come to know God closely, like Mary Magdalene, and in turn become a tower of God's love leading people to the Rose of Sharon - Jesus.
Pastor Jerry held our little guy as he said a prayer of blessing over his life. Vojta was comfortable in his arms and didn't squirm or fuss.
The family praying in accord with Pastor Jerry and the church.
Pastor Jerry and Ulli praying for the family - both present and in the USA - to be close to God, know His blessings, and to help Vojtech know God and His love.
Brother Milan speaking a prophetic word over our son: you are like an apple tree that reproduces many other trees. God is building his church and He will use you to help Him build it further.


At 21 February, 2010 21:57, Blogger Gale said...

What a sweet dedication it must have been for our sweet little angel baby, Vojta. I love that you incorporated Magdalena into the ceremony with words of blessing for her and her brother. With the Lord's presence in their lives, I feel certain they will live up to the meanings of their names.

They have a strong Christian heritages on both sides of the family. And what a testimony to God's keeping and saving grace, especially in the lives of Petr's family--standing for Christ during the communist years of the Czech Republic's history.

I loved the word of prophecy given over Vojta. How exciting it will be to see that come to pass as he grows and becomes a man of God.

I am so proud of you and Petr both. You are loving parents with a desire to raise Magdalena and Vojtech (and others to come) in the Word, teaching them to know our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for trying to make it happen that we could be a part of this time. And we were there with you in spirit. Love you all very much!

At 22 February, 2010 00:01, Blogger Emily said...

How beautiful Rebekah! So, sweet. I love the letters to the children, that is such a wonderful idea and a keepsake for sure.

It is clear that God has his hands on your lives, and it will be a joy to watch your children on their journey.

At 22 February, 2010 09:20, Blogger Rebekah and Petr said...

We got the idea of a letter to the children from our friends, the Ortegas. We went to their daughter's dedication and when they read their letter to her, we knew we wanted to do the same for our kids. Such a precious keepsake that we'll put in their baby books. :-)

At 22 February, 2010 14:08, Blogger Bennett Family said...

I enjoyed reading Vojta's dedication .. that's so awesome. Praise God! What a wonderfu idea to include Magda.

At 22 February, 2010 17:31, Blogger pbjdoe said...

Rebekah, how precious! I felt God's presence as I read your sweet letters and looked at the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Love always, Aunt Beth

At 24 February, 2010 15:12, Blogger Safariks (Lukas & Joanna) said...

Beautiful! Such nice words you guys had for your kids.


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