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11 April 2010

Park 2 - The new one on Kampa Island

On the shores of the Vltava River, as Aaron took pictures of historic buildings and Charles Bridge, the bigger kids ran around looking at the water and sand, and Eliana ate her rohlik, Vojta snoozed away in the stroller.
Magdalena and Owen became spiders on one of the many awesome play structures at the park. Then ran off to the other areas to ride bouncy horses, climb up to a high slide, and play in the sand.
Vojta also got in the sand box and grabbed his first handful of sand! He definitely enjoyed it, digging in it with his tiny fists and covering his little legs. I had to take off his wee shoes to get out all of the sand. :-)


At 11 April, 2010 14:30, Blogger Emily said...

That really is a fantastic park. I will say that Praha knows how to plan a park.


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