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27 May 2010

Going to school without Mommy

Last week I was quite sick and needed extra rest, so Sunny and Kelly took Magdalena to preschool with them and brought her back, too. That way, I got to rest and keep my germs to myself. ;-) Here is the happy trio as they arrived back home with my lunch from "Old McDonald" in hand.
The ladies brought Magdalena a little lady bug chocolate from their visit with some of our American missionary friends in Hungary on Monday. So, after preschool on Tuesday, since Magdalena had been such a good girl and waited patiently to eat her Hungarian treat, she got to indulge.While they were all gone, Vojta had free range of the house and toys. He wanted to play with an old phone, but got very frustrated when he couldn't cradle it back on the rest! Eventually, he gave up and played with B.B. instead (behind him in the picture).


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