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18 May 2010

Sunny and beads!

Sunny and Kelly, her friend/boss, arrived the day after my birthday for a month's visit and mission counseling. This is not the best picture of Sunny or Magdalena, but it depicts the fun and adventure that envelop Sunny's bright personality. Magdalena is wrapping Sunny up "like a tortilla" in this picture.
With Sunny, arrived beads from Gigi and Poppy! Magdalena promptly made all kinds of accessories with them - a crown, necklace, bracelets, and belt. Here is Vojta sporting the crown while adoring Kelly. I think he's got a crush!
Magdalena decked out in her precious "jewels" that she made with all the grown ups' help. (We alternated holding the twine as she strung on the beads or pinching the twine's end to prevent it from unraveling.)


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