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30 August 2010

Playground fun

We had fine weather today! No rain this morning (it's been rainy the past several days), only a few clouds across the blue, blue sky, and delightful sunshine. So, we put on our sweaters and headed to the park a few minutes from our place.Magdalena found a little boy to play with. They slid, climbed, and ran together - instant friends. :-)
Vojta wasn't as enthusiastic about the outdoor playtime as his sister was...because he'd refused to nap this morning and was a bit "blue." ;-)
He did cheer up a bit after sliding a few times with Big Sister!

Magdalena had to walk home the adventurous way atop the little fenced wall. She said, "I can do this because I'm big. Brother can't cuz he's still small. Right, Mommy?"


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