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19 March 2006

Rock City in Czech Republic (Ruzdka)

I was going to show you how your birdhouse live in Czech Republic. I don't have better picture but you can see that this birdhouse "almost" fit in this village. Every person which walk by trying to find out where came from. Not so many birds want to live there - maybe some neighbors :-)
Probably we have bigger birds and they don't fit in or they have some other problem. My dad tried putting there some meat or piece of food (probably didn't help).

So maybe next winter :-)


At 21 March, 2006 04:00, Blogger Gale said...

Hm-m-m. Maybe we will have to send some southern birds to Moravia to take up residence in the birdhouse. :) I could bring them in my suitcase next time I come! It looks good even if it isn't functional. I'm sure none of the "See Rock City" birdhouses have ever seen so much SNOW!!!!

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