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24 April 2006

Vsechno nejlepsi

Happy 18th birthday, Auntie Bizbef! We love you and miss you bunches! Hope your special day is wonderful and amazing! :-)


At 25 April, 2006 05:18, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

thank you so much for the pictures!! the one you sent me in the email made me smile so much!! mama and daddy thoroughly enjoyed them also. i had a good birthday. i will email you back tomorrow. i'm sorry i don't have time tonight. i love you so much! i missed seeing you today also. thanks for the email and the were just another part of making my birthday a grand day. i love you! bye, me

At 27 April, 2006 08:39, Blogger Sunny said...

Wow -- I love this picture of Magdalena! She looks so joyful. And, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you Elizabeth!


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