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19 April 2006

Eh, eh...

Magdalena has taken to "talking" in her sleep. This is from her afternoon nap today. Notice her mouth is open but her eyes are closed. She's definately asleep (her awake "words" sound nothing like these)...after having her say for a minute or two, she's quiet again. Oh, goodness. I'm gonna have a talker on my hands. Methinks she's liken unto her dear cousin, Nicole!

After this nap, we went to Petr's office to show off our little Sleeping Beauty. His co-workers think she's adorable and lovely, but of course we already knew that!


At 20 April, 2006 17:05, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

hey there! i haven't read your entries in, i had a lil bit of catching up to do. it's so fun to read all the new things magdalena is doing now. she's so big! and looks so adorable in her outfit that her wonderful aunt gave her! haha. well...i'm gonna go try and get ready for the day so i can do some school before going to the art place. it's opening day today! ahh..pray! haha.'s gotten so much better, it went pretty good last night. so, i know they'll do good tonight. ok. really going now. bye!


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