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17 April 2006

Happy Easter Monday!

Greetings! In the Czech Republic, today is Easter Monday. This day is just as celebrated as, or more than, Easter Sunday. Today it is traditional for boys, and even grown men, to whip girls and women with a pomlaska (a special Easter whip) to bring them good luck and health all year. In return, the females give colorfully decorated eggs or chocolate eggs to the boys and some strong alcohol to the men...some years are designated for the females to be able to dump water on the head of their whippers instead of giving them the aforementioned gifts. Unfortunately, I don't know the rule as to how often this is so you can't be informed. Petr doesn't remember...or, perhaps he just doesn't want me to know! No, just kidding. Actually, Petr and I were talking about what we'd do if we went out today and someone tried to whip me or Magdalena with the pomlaska. He said, "Well, I'd say, 'Boy, you can hit her if you want my fist to hit your nose!'" Our brave family protector! Don't worry. We didn't have any pomlaska encounters when we went out today. (I'm especially glad that my husband wasn't in a fight!) : )


At 18 April, 2006 05:32, Blogger Gale said...

Ah-h-h! What a cute picture of both of you! Look at those fat little fingers in a fist!

Good choice of outfits for Easter Monday. At first, I thought, "Why didn't she take off the bib for the picture?" Then realized it was a special Easter bib. Really cute!

I wish we could have been together for Easter. All the family was there (except Michelle and Melissa and you). Everyone who hadn't met him at the hospital was excited to see Samuel for the first time. Angela, who says she isn't having any more kids, held him the longest! Hm-m-m! I wonder what that might mean?! :)

Gotta go write the CFT newsletter for tonight. I love you. I'll talk to you Wednesday.


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