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01 August 2006

"Ah, the American"

Today, the first thing Magdalena's doctor said when we walked in the door for her 6 month check-up was "Ah, the American!" I'm pretty sure that I'm the only English speaking parent and that is why he remembers us so well at each visit.

Magdalena likes her pediatrician. He's friendly and funny, even though he does give her a shot during every appointment.

She now weighs 8.44kg/18.6lbs and is 67cm/26.8in long!

When I asked if I could take this picture, the doctor questioned, "Will you put me on TV?" I jokingly said, "Of course; gotta publicize Prague's best baby doctor." "Oh, what stations will you send it to?" He wanted to know. "Well, actually, I'll just send it to my mom!" He thought it quite funny that Momma would want a picture, but asked for me to email it to him too. : )


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