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12 August 2006

Potatoes and spinach

Yummy! Magdalena ate up her new cuisine. After one week of eating solids, she seems to be getting a bit of a better idea of what to do with this mushy stuff. : ) Since her first flavors were sweet (rice cereal, carrots with apples, and plain apples), she wasn't so keen on gobbling this up after only a few bites. So, I pulled a trick that my mom did with us girls -- alternated the green stuff with apples! She ate it all, save 2 bites!


At 14 August, 2006 06:20, Blogger Gale said...

Are you sure she is getting any of this stuff in her mouth!? This has got to be making laundry a bigger job! :) She does look like she is enoying herself, though.

At 14 August, 2006 06:21, Blogger Gale said...

Oh, another tip: buy plastic bibs. They wipe off much easier than cloth. :)

At 14 August, 2006 07:24, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

well, it looks disgusting. i'd go for the sweet stuff too!

At 16 August, 2006 14:48, Blogger Pavlina said...

Looks disgusting, but tastes well and is healthy! Carry on, girls!


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