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16 August 2006

My wish became reality


Today I was thinking that I will share with you something cool (maybe only for me). I believe that everybody has several dreams what they want to do (as I want sit in my chair and eat popcorn and watch movies for rest of my life ,get married with nice woman and have bunch of kids or have different crazy dreams).

I have few dreams in my life what I want to do and one nice wish is cool reality in my life right now. Who of you readers have work five minutes walking? Those who are lucky can answer ME and I am one of those :-)
On this picture you can see how far I am away from my house. These three buildings what you can see are my work place (now) and we live in cluster of yellow (beige) buildings.

I am more than happy and glad together where I
have to work. It feel more like fun than work because I know that I am very close my family and able to be there super quick. Do you believe me that I am looking forward to see Rebekah and Magdalena during day(for lunch break). So that's all what I wanted to tell tonight and maybe different night I will share my others dream (If I should post all my dreams - I had to do that for several years I mean one dream per night). :-)

Don't forget to check our blog daily and you will see what's going on !!!
P.S.: Don't try to call on this phone number which is on the picture only if you want that this company will take a picture of your house from plane (Only in Czech Republic).


At 18 August, 2006 17:30, Blogger Sunny said...

I knew you were close but I didn't realize that close! We need to get you a bicycle! Cool!

At 23 August, 2006 22:04, Blogger Gale said...

Hi Petr! I almost missed your entry. Oma told me it was there. I'm glad I went looking for it. The picture is really cool. Of course, I recognize the buildings! Yay! for living close to home, where Rebekah and Magdalena wait for you everyday!


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