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10 August 2006


Little Miss didn't want to take her morning nap, so she stayed up for nearly 6 hours from the time she awoke til she finally fell asleep for her first afternoon nap. Even after all of that elapsed time, she still fought sleep until the moment she was sound asleep. She went from SCREAMING to complete silence so quickly that I thought for sure Petr had picked her up!

In the afternoon, Aunt Sunny came to visit us so that I could maintain my sanity from a child who only slept 45 minutes after she finally fell asleep. Sunny took this picture of Magdalena enjoying her carrots-apple baby food. Yummy!

After Magdalena ate, Sunny and I snacked and talked a bit. Magdalena thinks her Aunt Sunny is very funny and always focuses her attention on Sunny. Here she is intently watching Sunny and chewing on her lil cloth at the same time.


At 10 August, 2006 12:28, Blogger Sunny said...

I had so much fun hanging out with "y'all" yesterday! Thanks for having me over.

At 11 August, 2006 03:51, Blogger Gale said...

Looks like she is wearing more of the carrots/apples than she ate! You'll have to buy her an orange bib! I'm glad you had Sunny to help keep your sanity! :)

At 11 August, 2006 07:29, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

that is one of the cutest pictures of magdalena eating her food. so, is she eating alot of food now?


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