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07 August 2006


Dear Readers,

We are so excited to see so many dots on the map!! Thanks for logging in to check out what's happening with our family. To satiate our curiosity of who all is looking at the blog and where you're from, please post us a comment or send an email our way.

Rebekah and Petr


At 07 August, 2006 16:37, Blogger Gale said...

Sharon, Elizabeth and I are checking out the blog from Atlanta! (I had to answer for Sharon since she doesn't have a blog.) :)

Love you!

At 07 August, 2006 18:26, Blogger jl4ev said...

dear R+P,

well, tho u prob.already know it i sometimes drop into ur blog to c how y'all r doin. u hav a lovely child. Congrats.


At 08 August, 2006 13:14, Blogger Sunny said...

I'm helping keep the Prague dot growing! And, I'll answer for my mom who is checking it regularly in Ky!


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