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17 July 2007

Jana and Hana

All of last semester Magdalena and I met with Jana and her daughter Hana for English conversation. Since we're not meeting officially through the family center during the summer we decided to meet up today for some fun in the park. Both girls got completely wet playing in the water spigot. I was almost tempted to stop Magdalena but then decided she was already soaked from sweat, what did it matter if she got a bit wetter - and cooler - while playing? Of course, that meant she was also completely dirty afterward from playing in the sand with wet clothes!
After we were all tired and super hot from playing and chatting our hearts out, we sat down (sorta -as you can see Magdalena stood on the bench) for a nice snack and lots of water to drink. Thanks, Jana and Hana, for a wonderful afternoon!


At 18 July, 2007 04:10, Blogger Gale said...

Were you at Stromovka Park? Such a relaxing place for a hot summer day! And playing in water makes it even better!


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