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18 July 2009

Magda in our flat

Magdalena chose her own bedding and rug for her bedroom. The colors and flowers on her rug were all that she talked about for 2 days between the time we spotted it in Kika (similar to Ikea) and the day we actually bought it! As for the blanket, well, I encouraged something along the same line as her rug - purple flowers. She liked it, but when she saw the pink fairy princesses on this cover, she would have nothing to do with any other blanket. Even though I was internally groaning over the PINK, I didn't stifle her freedom of choice or pleasure from the color pink. If I am going to not discourage her like of snakes and bugs, I must also allow for her like of "girly" things as well.
Magda in the kitchen today painting. We visited the doctor on Thursday because she's coughing - again! And the doc gave Magdalena a picture of a hippo to color. This morning she told me that she wanted to paint it for me. So sweet!
Dipping her paintbrush into the water. She took very seriously to the business of watercolors!


At 19 July, 2009 00:06, Blogger Gale said...

What a sweet girl! I sure do miss her! All of you! She seems so grown up when ever I see her on skype or the pictures. And by the way, I love her rug!

At 19 July, 2009 04:29, Blogger Emily said...

Oh, it looks like you are settling in so nicely. I love the first picture of Magda. She looks so grown up now.


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