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10 October 2009

Baby Shower

Laura Syvertsen hosted a baby shower for me in her home last Thursday evening. It was one of the best nights of my life! We ate desserts galore, laughed as we talked about all kinds of interesting topics, and, of course, I opened presents! Some friends gave me little baby clothes and Gracie (Magdalena's friend) sent a stuffed dog with her mom for the baby. But, everyone also pooled together their gift money to buy me...
my dream "nursing chair" glider!! I put it's title in quotes because that is what the store called in their online catalog (and what I intend to use it for too). :-) This morning, Laura took me to Kika to buy the chair and transport it home. Milan carried up to our flat via elevator, Petr assembled it, and I put on the cushions immediately.
Now, as I compose this blog entry, I am sitting and relaxing in my glider! Thank you to all of my dear sister-friends and family (on both sides of the Atlantic) who contributed to giving me this gift! You are all amazing women and I appreciate your friendship and generosity very much!


At 10 October, 2009 21:32, Blogger Pavlina, Luca a Michele said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening! Sorry I could not have come.. We will definitely catch up when the baby is born and bring gifts home to you ;-)

At 10 October, 2009 22:03, Blogger Emily said...

Oh, what a lovely char. I am so glad that you had a special evening just to bless you. Wish I could have been there too, but you know I send my love.


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