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23 October 2009

At home with Vojta

Vojta mostly sleeps and eats then sleeps again, but nearly everyday around noon he has a wakeful period of about 30minutes where he looks around and takes in the surroundings. He's really enjoying his bouncy seat (even without batteries to actually bounce the thing).
Sleeping like a little angel bundled in his crib.
Proud Daddy Petr holding both of his children at the same time. Magdalena is drinking her decaf coffee with great pizazz and Vojta is sleeping as usual although is supposed to be burping!
Vojta's first bath at home was with big sister. She was thrilled to get to share her favorite time of the day with her baby. He didn't cry the whole time, just most of it. ;-)

Magdalena takes advantage of every opportunity to hold her brother. Before lunch on Sunday, I was nursing Vojta and said that after he finished, I'd need someone to hold him so I could eat. Magdalena overheard me from her room where she was playing and came bounding in declaring on the way, "I will!!" Then as she held him a couple of days ago he had the hick-ups during movie time (Shrek 3 is playing in the background). I had to record them because they sounded so strange!
We are all in love with this little guy and thank God for him. Petr and I are also grateful that God answered our prayers for Magdalena to take well to having a little sibling. She adores him and is very gentle and sweet with him.


At 23 October, 2009 16:40, Blogger Jessica G Smith said...

Samuel wants to tell Vojta that he like his hickups and Hey to Magda. I love the new post :)

At 25 October, 2009 18:23, Blogger Pavlina, Luca a Michele said...

Compliments to your beautiful family!

At 26 October, 2009 01:57, Blogger Emily said...

What a little angel you have. I must say that the hiccups are cute, but your laugh made me smile. I miss you, and look forward to seeing you all.


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